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Mia M. Harris is a proud United States Marine Corps Veteran who has been involved in the dialogue over the social and economic disadvantages of women for over 20 years.  She has led and coordinated many efforts to balance the inequalities that have been a large part of the stagnation felt in the female population.  She has made it her life commitment to try to correct this imbalance by providing the resources and directives needed to enable more women to become more active in the social and economic growth of their perspective communities. She feels that the core of the solutions to inspiring and creating more women leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs of the future is to create the foundation for them to prosper today.

It is the strong commitment that Mia has to her community and the women everywhere that has motivated her to establish and create this Organization.  In the furtherance of the goals of the Organization, she plans to develop and inspire role models and mentors for future generations that will embrace the plight of providing opportunities for other young women and those that identify as female to create a world of level opportunities that will allow for the expressions of unlimited gifts and talents that women have to offer that will aid in the strengthening of our community relationships.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the Organization, Mia M. Harris plans to dedicate the rest of her life to fundraising and increasing the awareness about the needs of women and how increasing the resources and opportunities of women can lead to a more positive and socially advanced society and provide a more economically rewarding future for us all.

Mia M Harris

Our Founder and CEO

Michael Hailey currently serves as our Chief Financial Officer. His previous projects and experience include working with fortune 500 organizations, the U.S. Department of Treasury, and service as a State Auditor.

Mike Hailey


Amanda Taylor was born in Atlanta and raised in Fayetteville, GA. She is the Videographer & Photographer for Origins of Femininity.  Amanda is the Founder & Creator of The Black Maverick, a blog dedicated to defying the conventional media techniques used against the black community by filming and producing video interviews of black entrepreneurs and creatives and promoting black excellence. Her mission is to promote positive images of the black community in order to defeat the negative stereotypes and stigmas against them, and to voice the black perspective.  She spends her free time watching movies and documentaries.  She always enjoys researching black history and how it relates to the issues of the world we live in today, focusing on how those issues can be resolved.

Amanda Taylor

Director of Photography/Organization Historian

Tyronne Harris

Exec. Secretary

Wesley J. Williams Jr. has done volunteer work the with San Diego Food Bank and the San Diego Van Go Festival.  He has experience in Grant Writing and Consulting.  He received his certification in grant writing at San Diego City College. 

Wesley J. Williams Jr.

Executive Board Member

Our Goal is to provide the space and tools needed for women and young girls to overcome gender biases, social oppression and the economic disadvantages that they face as women in America.

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