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Junior LOTUS Program

Junior LOTUS (Life on Track to Undeniable Success)

Re-Entry Program for Young Adult Women Offenders


Program Purpose

Origins of Femininity Inc. is seeking a grant to further establish our Junior LOTUS program with the objective of helping all young adult women and those that identify as women between the ages of 18-24 who have been involved in the juvenile or adult justice system, including high school dropouts who were formerly incarcerated in the adult criminal justice system and released from prison or jail within 180 days of enrollment. The objective is to provide transition assistance, job training and life services designed to promote successful reintegration into the community and to reduce recidivism. The LOTUS program is based on the latest research, evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions, new interventions and theories that suggest the most promising outcomes for juveniles ages 18-24.  This research, interventions and theories promote increased job opportunities, employment retention and reduced recidivism to create productive, responsible law-abiding members of society.


Program Description

The Junior LOTUS program consist several target programs and workshops that provide an array of pre- and post-release services, including case management, education and literacy programs, computer training, job readiness training and placement, apprenticeship programs, housing services, risk needs and management, as well as, mentorship and life-coaching.  An added element of the Junior LOTUS program is sexual responsibility and the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

Our Goal is to provide the space and tools needed for women and young girls to overcome gender biases, social oppression and the economic disadvantages that they face as women in America.

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