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Only 5 days left

We hope you have registered and made plans to place your bids in our Silent AuctionThe auction is only 5 days away.  We have lots great traveling opportunities and experiences that we expect to go fast.  We have quite a few that have the “Buy Now” option which means, they may not stay around for the full length of the auction.  In most cases, it’s about who seizes the opportunity first.  So, don’t let that trip or experience of a lifetime slip through your fingers.  Go to the auction site today! Check out all the great items up for bid, register and set your calendars for April 19th at noon EST to place your starting bids.  If you pre-register for the auction, you can opt-in to receive text or email notifications to make sure that you don’t miss out on that special item that you have got your eye one.

And remember, this auction is not just about trips and experiences, it’s about helping a great charity build, empower and inspire the lives of the young girls and women of Georgia.  


Our Goal is to provide the space and tools needed for women and young girls to overcome gender biases, social oppression and the economic disadvantages that they face as women in America.

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