Upcoming Charity Auction


Auction Date Updated

Origins of Femininity Inc. will be hosting its first Charity Auction this November, just in time for holiday gift giving.  To submit your “In-Kind” gifts to support our fundraising efforts, please contact Mia M. Harris at (470) 285-2711 for details.

Donors will receive acknowledgement letters for their donations and in-kind gifts.  All in-kind gifts will need to be received by 6PM EST November 2, 2018.  The auction will be held on Saturday, November 24, 2018.  The auction will follow the “silent auction” theme.  Therefore, all bids will be submitted anonymously.  At the conclusion of the auction, each item, product or service bid on will be awarded to the highest bidder.  All proceeds of the auction will go toward the Origins of Femininity’s various organizational programs and causes.

Link to auction>>>> https://www.charityauctionstoday.com/auctions/ladies-first-5907