We have officially launched our website


Welcome to the website for Origins of Femininity Inc.!!!

We are so pleased to finally complete our website so that we can provide you with a one stop shop on the latest and greatest things happening in our organization.

Origins of Femininity plans to engage in strong efforts to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for women and those that Identify as women by creating opportunities for them to acquire and successfully retain jobs in the corporate arenas or become business owners to support and grow the average incomes and the tax basis of the women in Atlanta, Georgia and its surrounding communities. These efforts support the overall goals of the organization by creating a stronger foundation for women to strive and become more intricate parts to the success of their families and the communities for which they belong.  Although our organization is in its infancy stage, we have aim to make a strong start and a noticeable mark in the first year.  We look forward to your support in helping us make a positive impact on Atlanta, GA and the many communities that surround it.


Mia M Harris

President and Founder