Women’s Retreats create spaces for women to interact with one another in a relaxed and non-intimidating setting without the interruptions or demands of environmental stressors.  Women develop teamwork skills and enjoy the opportunity to converse in a space that nurtures positive relationships and the understanding of other women from different backgrounds and experiences.  The goal of the retreat is to build lasting friendships that prosper into a network of mentors and mentees that go on to empower other women to find the satisfaction of working together through the common ambition of success and self-improvement.


Your donations will help women who are going through the transition of becoming leaders in their perspective communities experience the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with other women from various cultural backgrounds and ethnicities in a neutral setting. This is an opportunity that most of these women may never receive without your donation.  The average retreat cost for a women’s group of five women is $7,500 for a 3-day experience.