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Women are quickly becoming the fastest growing population percentage wise of their demographic. Most of these women unfortunately, return to society with no real means of support or foundation to propel them forward in life. As a result of circumstances ands a lack of resources, they find themselves doing the same things or worse crimes that originally landed them in jail in the first place. Many of the women are single mothers and are doing unspeakable things to provide for their families. Our organization wants to empower ex-offenders to look beyond those things and know that they are worth more and can be more in spite of the cards that they were dealt. The key is reprogramming their minds into knowing that they can do anything if they believe enough in themselves to push forward. Unfortunately, "society" and the prison system has programmed them to believe that they are worthless and that no time spent in jail should honor them the second chance to become more responsible to their communities or secure economic stability for themselves and their families. At Origins we believe that the truth is in the possibilities. So, let's work together to stop the revolving door of the prison system the women of Georgia. The road to success starts with hope and opportunity. With your donation we can work together to provide this to the women who so desperately want a second chance at a better life for themselves.

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